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Holiday Notice

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During this golden Autumn Season, coming the annual Chinese traditional festival- the Mid-Autumn festival. It represents reunion, a wonderful holiday enjoyed with our family. After the Mid-Autumn festival, we will welcome Chinese 69th anniversary of the National Day, which is a national festival celebrated. We will celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival and the National Day during the holiday.

The following is our holiday arrangement:

The Mid-Autumn festival will be 2 days-off: from 23rd (Sunday) to 24th(Monday) September We will back to work on Tuesday, 25th September.
The National Day will be 6 days-off: from 1st(Monday) to 6th( Saturday) October Work normally on Sunday, 7th, October.

Our sales will still reply your e-mail and receive the orders during the holiday. These orders will be placed in order and start production immediately when we are back to work. Thank you for your support and trust.
We would make our efforts, innovation to provide our customers with more and better products and the best service in the future.

In such a wonderful festival, Romanso sends the most sincere blessings to you. We wish you enjoy a happy Mid-Autumn festival! Family happiness!


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