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11th Anniversary Celebration of Shenzhen Romanso Electronic CO.Ltd

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2018 is Romanso 11th anniversary. We are so glad to share the joy of growth with our customers and friends. Thank you so much for your supporting and trusting all the time.

Our company name is originated from the ancient Chinese poet Qu yuan, who said "The road ahead is long to search truth or achieve dream, our climbing will be hard, but we will do our best to achieve it". We hope that we could go forward and make innovations together with you in the long way development in future. Let's use our wisdom and persistence to water the most beautiful flowers.

Our company holds difference activities for this day every year. All the staff enjoyed a holiday in the villa of Conghua, Guangzhou this year. We sincerely welcome you to join us in the next celebration.

At this happy time, all of our staff thanks again for your supporting. We wish you all prosperity and prosperity.


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