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Successful installation for High power LED stadium light

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A stadium project with our stadium lights have finished installation in the US. LED stadium lights are used in a spacious sports court, according to the customers¡¯ requirements, we offered them an excellent lighting solution. Install the round stadium light combine with square stadium light, it have a very uniform lighting distribution.

Below is the stadium light detail information:
500w round stadium light(model:RMS-FL-L3)£º
Qty: 84pcs
Beam Angle: 30¡ã
pole height£º20m

200W/300W/400W square stadium light(model: RMS-FL-L2)£º
In total Qty: 47pcs
Beam Angle: 90*135¡ã
pole height£º20m

LED Stadium Lights

Our stadium light have low UGR and uniform lighting distribution. With the high utilization rate of the light, it makes your sports court brighter. This stadium light is a perfect choice to replace the high power metal halide lamps, by improving luminous efficiency and reducing the lamp quantity. It¡¯s a very energy saving choice.

Our stadium light have been becoming worldwide hot sale item, we receive very good feedback in current market. If you have any projects need the stadium lighting solution, please don¡¯t hesitate to contact us at We will do our best to provide you with the most professional lighting solutions with the best service.

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