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A case study of Romanso LED stadium light at a construction area in Kenya

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Here so glad to share with you that the case of our stadium lighting project at the construction area in Kenya.

The customers totally installed 57 pcs 400W stadium lights at this project.

1. Used Meanwell driver.
2. Philips 5050 LED chip, 5000K color temperature, the brightness can reach 150lm/w.
3. We have added steel mesh on the back of the lamp which to prevent birds and bees make nests on it.
4. Waterproof rating can reach IP67, the classification of wind resistance can reach level 15, could work in outdoor application very well.
5. Provide 5 years warranty for whole lamp.

LED Stadium Flood Light

The customer has feedback that the quality of lamp is very good and bright. Also it¡¯s easy installation as well as could adjusted the bracket angle by customer. Compared with traditional high pressure sodium lamp, it can save more than threefold energy. Meanwhile, it help customer to light up every corner of the construction area, so that workers can work more safety & efficiently at night. It¡¯s very glad to received this satisfaction feedback from customer. As an LED lighting manufacturer, we always doing our best to meet customer¡¯s requirement and be the best.

We are not only produce high quality lamp, but also provide series matched service according to customer requirements. We will help to calculate that how many pieces lamps and installation height in needed for better distribution of light, make sure full use of each light. In addition, we can help to design the lamp pole for our LED stadium lights to installed more firmly.

Providing professional lighting solutions for customers is our constant commitment to customers!

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