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Romanso hot sale outdoor lighting: stadium lights

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Romanso has been specialized in outdoor lighting for 11 years. Keeping the superior quality products and innovation continuously is our principe.We also provide professional lighting solutions according to customers' different requirement.
Outdoor waterproof High Power LED Stadium Lights
It's so glad to receive many good comments and feedbacks of LED stadium light from our customers recently. We are happy to share this hot sale stadium lights.

LED stadium lights are widely uesed in outdoor areas, especiately in professional sports place. Considering the different areas need different lighting and the customers' requirement of the lights appearence, so we have four models stadium lights for your option, including the round and square one.

LED Stadium Flood Light

Our stadium lights have been sold to all over the world , which received a great market feedbacks. What's more, we help our customers design a lot of project lighting solutions. The following are some of the engineering sites and installation drawings provided by our customers. Customers' trust and affirmation is the source of our progress and motivation.

LED Stadium Lights casus

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