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Romanso new LED retrofit kits for parking lot light and street light

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Romanso launchs the latest LED retrofit kits of parking lot lighting. It's widely used in parking lot light, street light fixtures.

The lamp is high brightness 150lm/w. 75W/100W is perfect to replace traditional Metal Halide 300W/400W. It save quadruple electric energy.

Internal driver & no fan design is popular to customers. The working temperature is -40¡æ to +60¡æ. The lamp has passed the temperature test ensure to be used in totally enclosed fixture with 5 years warranty. This feature is also laser on the lamp request by UL.

Adjustable lighting angle 180¡ã or 270¡ã for option. Customer can adjust the beam angle easily for different application.

Welcome to contact for detailed specification and quotation!

LED Shoebox Retrofit Kit

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