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Noted: Statement of Romanso bank account

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Dear customers,

Our company found that we have a colleague's email was attacked by hacker. The appropriator use our email to send bank account changing mails to customers. All of our staffs have checked and killed the computer virus & changed email password. Please kindly noted below points if you received bank changing email.

1.All Romanso bank account must with Romanso's company name. Please do not pay to any personal account.

2. Romanso has statement with company seal if we add new bank account or change bank account.

3.Romanso¡¯s staff only use official email address ( to contact with customer, please do not transfer to any personal email easily.

Please kindly contact with us by phone (official Tel:+86 755 29197500) if any doubt before making payment. Or contact the sales manager Cherry Lee via +86 13723406613.

Yours sincerely,

Shenzhen Romanso Electronic Co.,Ltd.

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