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Economic Romanso 3rd Corn Bulb version is launched in October

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Comes the Hong Kong Lighting Fair Autumn Edition, we are so glad to share with you that in this show, our 3rd corn bulb will be launched in the show.

This 3rd corn bulb, we still make it in no fans design for whole series 16-120W, led corn bulb is the perfect replacement of traditional HID/MHL/HPS lamp. There is smaller size 16W/22W with diameter 60mm, suitable for more fixtures. The whole series can be used in totally enclosed fixtures, driver in 6000V surge protection. High brightness 135lm/W, Dual heat dissipation design of the lamp body. Isolated aluminum heat sink and driver, hollow heat sink speed airflow.Increase LED plates to 10/12pcs. No lighting shadow, more luminance uniformity.The circle ring on the lamp can be customized the color as request.

They will also UL/cUL/DLC/CE/ROHS/FC/LM80 certificated as our first and second generation.Compared with the previous generation, this version is more cost-efficient in price.

Economic Romanso 3rd Corn Bulb version is launched in October

If you wanna know it more, welcome to contact us freely.

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