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Temporary light is getting great demand in market

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The LED temporary light was showed in HongKong lighting fair last October. Many customers are interested in the led temporary light, and we have customer take the sample from our booth directly. We got lots of sample order after fair. In 2017, we have received many container orders. Our temporary light is UL/DLC listed. Customers in North American market can use our DLC product number for applying rebate in local.

LED temporary light widely used to replaced HID temporary light in construction site, temporary work site, repair work shop and so on. It is popular in market becasue of special application.

Here are some photos of the shippment of the container quantity this week of our temporary light.

Portable Light Emitting Diode Luminaires

Portable Light Emitting Diode Luminaires

Welcome to contact us if you are interested in the LED temporary light.

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