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Hong Kong International Light Fair ¨C end up with a new starting

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The Hong Kong International Light fair successfully closed on 9th April. This show we have many new products displayed, such as corn light, retrofit kits, temporary light, flood light and so on. It gained a highly favor from buyers.

Many customer share with us outdoor lighting plays an important part, they wanna have more new products to fit with different fixtures. And our products met with their requirements very well. Now we fulfill the retrofit kits for different fixture like post top, shoebox, highbay and so on. The outdoor fixtures also have more unique appearance. Buyers are very interested, they also take sample from the show directly. They gave us feedback that we do very well in heat sink and special design.

To keep a superior status in the competitive market, we Romanso will dedicate to be more creative, develop more new products to offer customers more professional solution. Every time we got feedback from customer, we will have a new starting of products¡¯ innovation.

Thank you for your attention to Romanso. We always look forward to lighting the businesses of tomorrow today with your honor!

Hong Kong International Light Fair

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