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2017 Annual Party of Romanso

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Romanso had an annual party for one year summary 2017/1/15, . Staffs join in this party. Our general manager announced the direction and strategy for new year 2017. Our company will keep self-developing to meet customers¡¯ and market need. Our sales manager stated the yearly sales performance at first. It¡¯s very proud that our yearly sales amount is three times than last year.

Also, on the party, we have many programs planned by the staffs in different department. We have singing, dancing, sketches, Chinese traditional activity-lantern riddle quiz and so on. The party is so hot for everyone¡¯s active attending.

Thank you for all your supports. Romanso will meet more new friends in business scope. We will be more creative to offer your honor the most energy-saving solution and make full efforts to have your satisfied smile.

Romanso always be here for you, more and more strong.

Happy New Year 2017! Kung Hei Fat Choy!

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