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High quality and popular high bay retrofit

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Romanso¡¯s highbay retrofit kits is hot sales on current market, especally in North America. This product has received lots of feedbacks after the HK light fair. We offer 80w/100w/120w .

I would like to share features and advantage of this product with you, please check the detail as below.

1. 120¡ãbeam angle suitable for use in totally enclosed Canopy and Highbay luminaires;
2. DLC4.0/UL/CUL/CE/RoHS/FCC/LM79/LM80 Certification;
3. IP65 ingress patent protection;
4. CREE XTE LED with good heat dissipation, 120lm/w, LM80 listed;
5. Compatible magnetic ballast;
6. Passed 6000V high voltage surge test;
7. 80w/100w/120w for options;
8. No Fan design with good heat sink effect;
9. Special appearance patent protection;
10. E39/EX39/E40 socket screw base, plus and play
11. AC100-300V input range;
12. Independent developed driver with Rubycon capacitor;
13. Dow Corning RTV-T thermal silicone;

1. Can be worked with Inductance ballast," plug and play".
2. Whole series are suitable for use in totally enclosed fixture.
3. IP65 waterproof PCT patent design available for wet & humid location.
4. Self-developed Internal driver with Rubycon Capacitor; fully potted Dow corning glue.
5. Without fan design, long lifetime more than 50,000 hours.

Thanks for your attention on our LED lights.If you are interested, welcome to contact us for more information.


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