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2014, is the 8-year anniversary for Romanso

ElectronicsCO.,Ltd. Hard working for 8 years,

core-competence of LED illumination products

come into being, famous LED brand was built.

The company holds an important place in China

semiconductor lighting industry and begin earn

its spur in international lighting market.

Years like songs and streams. Romanso dedicated

to the research and marketing of the products of

semiconductor lighting field, has accumulated rich

experience. With the development of LED technology

as well as the popularization of LED lighting products,

the revolution of human lighting will be come. It is a

great opportunity for Romanso. It is our good

opportunity, also compelling obligation.

Today, Romanso will herald consistency of our technology strength and company culture which accumulated for 8 years, stands ground on ”°quality, innovation, honesty, service”± , take independence innovation of high-tech as the driving power, and energy-saving and environmental friendly as responsibility, to achieve the company target of ”° brighten the life, brighten the world”±.

LetӮs join our hands, go to all length to seize the opportunities and create new glories of Romanso.

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