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Dear freinds, it's great to share with you that Romanso closed down a cricket project. It's the Eurolux Boland Park cricket stadium that needed a lighting solution that would like to improve fans visiting experience and optimise energy efficiency. With various experience of providing lighting solutions for many sporting venues and events, Romanso accomplish this goal with the innovative system.

We use 500W lamp with CREE LED and Meanwell driver, it's 75000 lumen in total. Which provides several benefits for players, spectators, and television HD broadcasts:

Improves lighting quality with customized optical lens which direct light on the field and not into players or spectators¡¯ eyes. It provides professional lighting distribution without glare and off-spill light. (Please kindly check below picture, worth mentioning, we use two different lens to achieve it )
Increases light more than 32 percent to meet with Premier League standards
Reduces energy consumption by 30 percent compared to the traditional 2000-watt metal halide lights
Reliable maintenance with Romanso¡¯s comprehensive 5-year warranty backed by our professional technicians team
Additionally, the characteristics of the LED light source provide instant on/off capabilities for special effects, and eliminate the ¡°flicker¡± effect for excellent slow motion replay.

To see more information on the product, please click 500w LED Stadium Light :

500w led flood stadium light

500W LED Stadium Flood Light

Use two different lens to achieve it:

500w led flood light

Eurolux Boland Park cricket stadium upgrade to LED Lighting Project:

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